10 faktov o rodičovstve, ktoré nie sú v žiadnej knihe. Naučí vás ich sám život, ako tohto ocina!

Lee Chisholm je otec ako mnoho iných. Miluje svoju dcérku Avu, rád sa s ňou blázni, hrá i chodí na dlhé prechádzky. No dobre vie, že okrem pekných chvíľ a dôležitých míľnikov, ktoré sú opísané v každej príručke o rodičovstve, sú v živote rodiny aj iné chvíle. Také, na ktoré vás nikto nedokáže pripraviť. Keď si napríklad prvýkrát uvedomíte, že nemáte roztomilé dieťa, ale tornádo a činnú sopku v jednom. Neviete, kedy najbližšie vybuchne uprostred čerstvo vypratej bielizne, rozkričí sa v obchode, alebo kedy si zmyslí, že sa treba rozbehnúť priamo cez rušnú cestu…

Okrem toho sa naučil aj to, že…

1. V pokoji sa pripraviť pred odchodom z domu je už iba matná spomienka

Getting ready is a hassle regardless of the occasion & today's occasion was a special one. It was the first of Ava's Birthday Bash Bonanzas. She's like royalty in our house, so we're throwing 2 parties. The first for friends, the second for family! 👨‍👩‍👧👩‍👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 . Anyways, getting ready this morning was a nightmare. I had her mama ordering me around like a Drill Sargent on steroids. I had the cats demanding that they got fed & I had this little mummy-wannabe causing havoc everywhere she went (it's a little early for Halloween don't you think?) 🎃 . The quicker I can get up and go, the better (for everyone) so it's a good job that @cornerstone_hq allow me to have that quick shave, quickly! It's also subscription, so you don't have to worry if you have memory so bad you have to google your age (yep, did it last week) 👴 . Anyways, I better go. The house is a mess. There's cake everywhere & if I don't eat it quickly – it's going in the bin. Happy Sunday everyone (and thanks for the birthday wishes x ) ♥️ #startyourdayright #cornerstoneshave

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2. Z vášho domu sa po chvíli stane sklad hračiek

If you were to ask me about the memories I have of my father, they'd generally include a pint or two (or three), happiness, tears, excitement, & disappointment… Ok, we're both huge football fans & if you are, or know of a football supporter, you'll know that within 90 minutes, they can experience every single emotion under the sun… The one thing I will always have a memory of however is the feeling that he's got my back. Always! . I want Ava to be the same (in time!). I'm pretty certain her current memories are of an exhausted-looking dad who's really winging it and learning each and every day. But with exhaustion comes fun, & I'll continue to fill her memories with fun times, laughter and excitement because there's nothing more rewarding than seeing a big cheesy smile plastered across her cute little face. These awesome t-shirts from @notonthehighstreet seem to sum up our relationship pretty well! . What memories do you have of your father? #NOTHSFathersDay #ad

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3. S vašou zbierkou lega sa už nebudete hrať osamote a navyše – búrať je zábavnejšie ako stavať

Somebody obviously got a little bit jealous with my proposed submission into the #BRICKLIVEchallenge. Before you ask what this challenge is, I'm going to tell you – It's about making the coolest, most amazing thing you can with as many or as little bricks as possible. I obviously would have won if it wasn't for this little shhhhiii… sugar plum 😉 . Nevertheless, the top 3 winners (which would have included me!!) will get VIP Family tickets to the BRICKLIVE Glasgow event in July (for once, something cool in Scotland eh?!) Not only that, they'll also get their creation displayed alongside the professionals! (before you ask, I'm not a professional… no seriously, I'm not..). . So get building, get tagging and let's see if you're lego skills are anywhere near mine! #BRICKLIVE #Lego #ad

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4. Zabudnite na zbieranie nálepiek futbalistov

We all collected things as kids right? I was all about toy cars, wrestling figures, punishment forms from school & even those popple thingies too (I'm an 80s child!). The one thing that really captivated me & the rest of the schoolyard was the FIFA World Cup™ football stickers from @paniniukofficial Jeez, we were all completely obsessed! . So this year I thought it would be a good idea to give it a go again while getting Ava on board too. Have your kids started collecting anything, as the only thing she seems to collect is bunnies and sickness from nursery?! . I'm pretty certain, however, she overheard me say "It really bugs me when I stick the sticker in over the lines" then took it upon herself to push me to the edge of my tether by REALLY going outside the lines. It's not all bad. The living room did need a little spruce up & what better way than with all the international heroes! #GotGotNeed #PaniniStickers #Ad

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5. Neustále vás bude prenasledovať špinavá bielizeň

Hands up if you enjoy doing the laundry….? . That's a bit of a trick question isn't it? I mean who in their right minds would enjoy spending half the day looking for that odd sock, only to then realise it was never in the wash in the first place! Then you go ahead & wash that odd sock, but by the time it's washed, you forgot where the original one was! Honestly, socks are the bane of my life! I have a section in my drawer for odd socks, please say it's not just me? . Anyways, with the sheer volume of clothes that this one little tiny weenie person goes through & the amount of walking, crawling (yes, she's started to crawl again? what's that about?!) & unwanted climbing that Ava does, it's important that she can move freely & irritation-free in her clothes… Her MOUNTAIN of clothes!! Now with @neutral.skin's specially formulated detergent for sensitive skin – Neutral 0%, she has the freedom to be that tearaway toddler without her detergent stopping her – It's just me that stops her now! Seriously though, there's nothing worse than seeing her skin flare up so we really are trying all we can! . Oh yeah, Do you want to win a trio of Neutral 0% laundry care products. All you have to do is tag a friend and share your skin story in the comments below using the tags #NeutralSensitiveSkin #AllergyAwarenessWeek – good luck!! (T&Cs for the competition can be found on the Neutral 0% Facebook page or via this link https://goo.gl/BENQve ) #neutralsensitiveskin #ad #allergyawarenessweek . . . . ** Shot inspired by the amazing @kweilz **

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6. Na zápach detských grcaničiek si nikdy nezvyknete

7. Stanete sa objektom na pobavenie

8. A zároveň sa stanete hračkou. Ako všetko ostatné na svete

9. Zabudnite na to, že budete vyzerať cool

10. Spomínali sme už nekonečné pranie? Zvyknite si na to

Just like that our well-loved trip is now just a distant memory. We’re now faced with the thought of laundry, ironing & dealing with an increasingly wriggly baby who manages to squirm her way into the most obscure places (she actually got her bum lodged under the couch yesterday – no really!) 🐒 . Some may think these jobs are stereotypically mummy’s but not in our household. I’m the one who usually cooks & cleans while mummy’s the one who puts up shelves & deals with the lovely little ‘presents’ our delightful cats leave on our doorsteps (honestly, I just can’t deal with it..🤢) . I guess some may say I’m #themoderndad but to be honest, my idea of a modern dad is someone who does everything to be the BEST dad. Someone who’s not afraid to slap stereotypes in the face & someone who’s not afraid to admit that they like dressing their daughter up 😉 . To help celebrate all those modern dads out there (Including me 😉) I have teamed up with the good folks at @etsyuk to help spread the word about their #themoderndad competition. To stand a chance of winning £1000 of Etsy vouchers, simply tag a photo with #themoderndad & follow/tag @etsyuk. Head over to their blog for more info! (and to see me and Ava!!!) #TheModernDad #ad

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